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Science Shepherd

In order to provide you with a detailed review of this product, Science Shepherd graciously provided us complimentary use of their product.

Science Shepherd is a great homeschool Science curriculum. What I love about it is that it teaches Science with a Biblical perspective, which is sooo hard to find!

I was really excited about the courses available, and wondered if my kids would like it or not.

I decided on the Archaeology course- Unearthing The Bible

I couldn’t wait for our first class!

I printed out the worksheet and played the video for our first lesson. My kids were so intrigued! They loved learning about the ancient artifacts that were discovered by Archaeologists.

This is by far one of their favorite courses.

When I tell them, “We’re having Archaeology class today”, they get so happy and can't wait to start!

I really love how this course is laid out. Everything is organized.There are videos for each day, and they’re perfect in length.

They’re not too long. The videos are short, which is good because it doesn't overwhelm the kids with too much information.

It also includes a PDF workbook and answer key that you can download or print out. I love this, by the way! 🙂

Right after seeing the video, the kids get to answer the questions on the worksheet I printed from the workbook, and do the puzzles that were included.

This is great because it gets the kids to write in their own words what they learned in the video.

Make sure to do the worksheets; don’t skip them. The worksheets are invaluable!

Afterwards, we would have a discussion about everything they learned, which they really enjoyed.

Unearthing the Bible has been a really great learning experience for them!

And best of all, they were not bored!

They actually had fun learning Archaeology, so much so, that my youngest son who’s 8 told me that he wants to be an Archaeologist when he grows up. 🙂

I highly, highly recommend Unearthing the Bible. This is a great way to introduce Archaeology to children, and to also strengthen their faith in the Bible.

This is such a wonderful course! Definitely sign up for one of their affordable subscriptions. You'll be happy you did!

Sign up for a 12 month subscription for only $25. The subscription includes:

  • 39-lesson, 8 week course
  • Includes a downloadable PDF workbook and answer key
  • Streaming videos are available on-demand
  • Great for a homeschool family study, or Sunday School class (see co-op information)
  • Choice of 12-month subscription or lifetime access
  • DVD coming summer 2019!

If you would prefer to have lifetime acc​​​​ess to this course, which I definitely think you should, just select the “Lifetime” option for only $55, which really is a great deal!

Also, do browse their website. Unearthing The Bible is just one of several courses they offer.

You can even sign up for a sample lesson!

With Science Shepherd you’re sure to find a Science course your kids will love, and best of all, with a Biblical perspective.

You can’t get better than that!

Oh, and by the way, if you sign up for their newsletter you will receive 10% off, and a free download of "5 Scientific Ways Your Kids Can Defend Their Faith." 

How awesome is that?

Sign up and take advantage of this great offer!

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